Gear Review: iCaddy

Calling this a review of gear is a little misleading. It’s life gear, not outdoor gear. It can go in the outdoors—and it’s probably handy for travel—which is why I’m guessing the company reached out to offer me a sample. Here are my thoughts on the iCaddy

First off, a seven-year-old invented this, which is 90% of the reason I wanted to try it and share it with you all. I have mad respect for entrepreneurs, especially if they’re seven. As the story goes, Katrina was sick of her device falling while trying to binge watch YouTube videos (speculation), so she glued three toilet paper rolls together and created a makeshift stand. Big Bro Chris came along and saw a business opportunity. And voila, the iCaddy was born.

The iCaddy is a 4-in-1 product that acts as a stand for your phone or tablet and docks your device. It also comes with earbuds and a handy little compartment to store them for safe keeping (these smart kids know all about misplacing the elusive earbuds). It also has a portable USB power bank and charing cable to make sure your tablet or phone.

Made for kids, the iCaddy comes in a bunch of funky designs. There are cherries, skulls, surfboards, donuts, and—my favorite—cats.

The iCaddy sells on Amazon for $28.99 with free Prime shipping and would make for a fun gift for kids heading back to school or this upcoming holiday season (too early to think about that?). I know a few who could use one. For now, mine’s sitting on my desk delightfully docking and charging my phone.